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Aloha and welcome to Pacific Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal!  We are here to provide excellent customer service and outstanding craftsmanship.  Our goal at ac Maui is to be one of the best air conditioning companies on Maui.  Air conditioning repairs, installations, servicing, and custom sheet metal fabrications are what we do best.  Our shop is located on Wailuku, but we service and do air conditioning Maui wide.  For sheet metal fabrication services on Maui, that is done at our full-scale shop in Wailuku.  Combining air conditioning and sheet metal into one company expands our overall HVAC service capabilities and means our prices very competitive.  We are here to answer your air conditioning and sheet metal calls on Maui.  We can handle any AC repair Maui!


Our services are backed by our commitment to professionalism & accountability.


We are experienced & trained to service most manufacturers common on Maui.


We take extreme pride in our work and we want you to take extreme pride in choosing to work with us.


Count on us to always give you our best-valued services.  Our estimates come with quality, honesty, and experience.

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Welcome to Maui Pacific Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal!

air conditingWhen temperatures rise above 100° F this summer, we’ll all remember to be thankful for efficient air conditioning. If your air conditioning is not functioning as well as you need it to, Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal is a Maui air conditioning contractor here to offer air conditioning repair and installation services for the entire island. Since 2015, we have committed ourselves to learn every type of air conditioning unit and ventilation system, so no matter what model you own, we can help you with it in a timely manner.

Give us a call at Pacific Air Conditioning for any air conditioning Maui replacement or repair needs and we’ll be there to help as soon as possible.

We know that the air conditioning and ventilation in your own business is a critical factor to your customers’ comfort, and, therefore, to your success. Comfortable customers stay longer and return more often, so if you find that your air flow is not as powerful or as cool as your business needs, let us be your Maui HVAC contractor. Our technicians at Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal will help you diagnose and correct the issue. As a commercial HVAC contractor on Maui, our technicians are certified and licensed with the proper training and years of experience servicing various commercial HVAC systems. We can also design and install new commercial HVAC systems if you are looking to overhaul your current unit or are building a new business. Our services and areas of expertise also include climate control for computer server rooms.

Give Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal a call for any Maui HVAC services.

Sheet metal fabricationPacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal now offer full-service, local Maui sheet metal fabrication for all of your industrial needs. We can produce custom sheet metal projects according to your specifications or design a project that will meet your needs. From pipe to flashings to hoods to gutters and ductwork, the sheet metal fabrication specialists at Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal can produce durable, attractive, and safe custom pieces with a quick turnaround. We view each project as a way to help you with your project, so give us a call for any sheet metal fabrication needs in Maui, Hawaii.

We’re the local sheet metal contractor Maui business owners can count on!

When It Comes To Maui Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal Projects Pacific Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal Has You Covered Guaranteed.

We Work to Earn the Title of “AC Maui’s Best Air Conditioning Company”

Our customer’s respect and satisfaction mean the world to us. Our customers are our family, friends, and neighbors. We treat everyone how we want others to treat us – with respect, honesty, and kindness.


Quality workmanship comes with a price and that price is our reputation. You trust us with your air conditioning project and we honor your trust by giving you our best.


You get what you pay. We balance quality and cost for a win-win agreement that benefits us both. When our customers are satisfied, we are satisfied.

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With our experience, high-quality materials, and professional installations for our air conditioning and sheet metal projects, you are guaranteed your project will be completed to the highest standards.  That is our promise.

air conditioning servicesOne of the benefits of living in Maui is the beautiful weather, but to appreciate it, you also need to get a break from it. An efficient and effective air conditioning system is an absolute necessity for enjoying our weather. If you do start to feel the heat due to a broken or failing air conditioning unit, give Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal a call. We’ll help you get the performance and comfort level that you need. Our local air conditioning technicians have trained and worked on various air conditioning units to ensure that they have the knowledge to help you with your system. Give us a call and let us answer any questions you might have about our Maui services.

sheet metal fabrication servicesPacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal is happy to provide our neighbors with complete Maui sheet metal fabrication services. Our facility and technicians can design or follow your specifications for any custom sheet metal project that you need. Our sheet metal fabrication products are highly durable, smoothed for safety, and meet your specifications every time. Anything less is no help to you, and helping you is what we’re here for. The fact that we do run our own custom sheet metal fabrication Maui facility means that we are able to ensure the highest quality products with the local turnaround time that you require. We are also able to use our Maui sheet metal fabrication division to supply our needs for high quality and project-specific home air conditioning and commercial HVAC duct work. We pass the savings of not having to hire another sheet metal contractor, Maui local or long distance, to fabricate these air conditioning system materials on to you. Our custom sheet metal fabrication Maui craftspeople can produce any of the following projects from stainless steel, copper, or galvanized sheet metal.

When you are installing a new air conditioning system, adding an addition to your home, or renovating an existing building, there is no one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf duct work. Every building has its own design and end locations for routing air flow, so every building needs customized or modified duct work. With our sheet metal fabrication facility, we are able to help our Maui clients measure and get the custom duct work that their project requires. Our custom duct work or any other custom project is guaranteed to fit perfectly for your needs and your budget. We’re the sheet metal contractor Maui residents and business owners can count on to do it right. At Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal, our divisions work as a team to ensure that your project is completed seamlessly and efficiently. From consultation and design to procuring materials and fabrication to installation or repair, we coordinate the entire project to provide Maui residents and business owners the best service possible and with local convenience. We also offer our Maui sheet metal fabrication services at a discount for bulk orders! Call Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal today at 808-244-0161.

soalr energy and other servicesCentral air conditioning systems no longer need long lines of duct work to be able to service your whole home or business. If you are building a new structure, constructing an add-on, installing a new air conditioning system, or completely renovating an existing home or business, ductless air conditioning systems are likely a good option for you. Give us a call at Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal to learn more about how we can install a ductless air conditioning system for you. In Maui, we’re using our air conditioning systems to give us relief from the sun, so why not use the sun to help us do just that? With a solar-powered air conditioning system, you can use the sun to cool you down! And solar-powered air conditioners are now more affordable than ever, especially when you consider the energy savings they’ll provide in our Maui weather. Cost-effective and friendly to the environment? That’s a win in our book, but give us a call and we can help you decide if solar-powered air conditioning is the right choice for your home or business. We can help you choose the right option for any air conditioning of Maui homes or businesses. You love Maui, so let us help you make sure you continue to love it. Call us any time you need air conditioning troubleshooting, repair, or new installation and we’ll help keep you cool and comfortable all year round. We’ll also help you save money by getting the most life out of your existing unit. Our professional residential and commercial HVAC technicians are ready to help and will complete your work as quickly as possible while never sacrificing quality to speed. We can also consult with you about your various options for upgrading or installing new air conditioning and HVAC systems. Depending on your needs, we can recommend more efficient systems using the latest technology, more environmentally-friendly systems such as solar-powered air conditioning systems, and more convenient systems with ductless air conditioning. In almost all cases, we will help you stay cooler and save money over the life of your air conditioning investment. Air conditioning Maui homes and businesses has never been easier! If you’re not ready to replace or install a new air conditioning unit, we recommend taking the Energy Star quiz for tips on how to conserve energy in your home or business. You can also read the energy saving guide. If you find these tips helpful and are interested in more information on you can save in energy costs, we’ll be happy to conduct an on-site inspection and consultation. We’re here to help our Maui neighbors, so give Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal a call today for any air conditioning of Maui questions.

Air Conditioning Installation, Repair, and Replacement Services

air conditioning installation Two of the main projects that we complete as an air conditioning contractor on Maui are new air conditioning system installation and replacing run-down air conditioning units. If you are building a new home or business or undertaking a full renovation project, you’ll want to make sure that your air conditioning system is going to be able to stand up to the heat. We can consult with you regarding the needs of your space and traffic to make sure that your new air conditioning installation will meet your expectations. We can also help you replace and upgrade your air conditioning system if your existing unit fails or is not adequately meeting your needs.

Of course, it would be ideal if you could invest in one air conditioning system that would never malfunction or wear out beyond repair. But that’s not the state of technology quite yet. As an experienced air conditioning contractor on Maui, we can, however, help you ensure that your air conditioning unit lasts as long as possible with periodic preventative maintenance and, when the need arises, quality air conditioning repair that addresses the underlying problems of the unit, not just the surface symptoms. Give us a call to schedule your air conditioning repair or maintenance service and we’ll help you get the most out of your air conditioning investment. We’ve been air conditioning Maui since 2015!


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Installing or repairing your air conditioning system is not something you want an amateur tinkering with. The concept of an air conditioner is simple but the technology and the variety of models is complex. Learning how to efficiently troubleshoot a failing system takes schooling and on-the-job training with an experienced mentor. That’s the training that our service people receive so that you can know that the technicians at Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal will be able to quickly find the best solution for your needs. We want Maui residents and business owners to be comfortable and confident with our Maui services whenever they call us.

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