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January 29, 2019


Having a pet presents unique challenges for homeowners in terms of housekeeping and HVAC maintenance. Cats and dogs are our lovely furry companions, but they don’t care about cleaning after themselves. They leave hair and dander around, and sometimes these things become air pollutants that get picked by your AC to add to the dirt that’s already trapped in your filters. And according to HVAC companies on Maui, dirty filters tax and slow down your air conditioner.

What should you do?

1. Do regular cleanup. HVAC companies on Maui believe that you can control the amount of dirt that gets into your AC filters by keeping your house clean. Depending on the number of people and pets you have in the house, you should vacuum your carpets and rugs at least once every two days.

2. Groom your pets regularly. While bathing your dogs should be done at least once every three months, washing them every two weeks with a mild shampoo is a good idea. Brush your dog’s or cat’s fur once every couple of days. The purpose isn’t just to keep them clean and keep them smelling good. Bathing and brushing your pets also remove hair and dander before they leave them on your carpets, drapes, and furniture. Take your pets to a professional groomer once in a while.

3. Reset your thermostat before leaving pets alone. Unlike us humans, our pets thrive in a wider range of temperatures. HVAC companies on Maui recommend setting your thermostat at 80 degrees in summer and at 65 degrees in winter when only your pets are at home. This allows you to save heating and cooling costs when you’re not around. Don’t worry. Your pets will just be fine.

4. Have HVAC companies on Maui check your AC filters more often. Again, if you have pets in the house, expect trapped hair and dirt in your filters. The filters can get clogged so often that you need to inspect them more often than someone who doesn’t have pets at home. And if your filters get clogged up so often, it’s smart to replace them with reusable filters, which you can quickly clean using a hose. Nevertheless, calling your HVAC technician to ask for advice isn’t a bad idea.

5. Have your ductwork cleaned by HVAC companies on Maui. Hair and dander will get into your ducts no matter how much you prevent them too. They will add to the dirt that’s already there if your HVAC system hasn’t been seen by a technician. Thus, we recommend having your ductwork inspected and cleaned every three to five years. Dirty ducts affect the quality of your indoor air. So if you want to breathe in clean air at home, you have to make this important step.

6. Keep your pets away from your AC. Your air conditioning unit is vulnerable not just to thieves but also to your pets. An outdoor unit should be protected by a barrier that fends off dogs or cats, which may scratch or chew on the external parts of your unit.

These steps should help lower your electric bill and reduce the chances of damage to your HVAC system while keeping your fluffy friends comfortable. Pacific Air Conditioning in Wailuku, Hawaii, serves homeowners in Maui. Call us if you need HVAC maintenance, duct cleaning, or filter replacement. We want to keep your system as energy-efficient as possible.







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