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air conditioning tune up servicesProviding Property Owners in Kahului, Wailuku, Kihei, and Lahaina with Detailed AC Tune-Ups

Have you ever driven a car that hasn’t been tuned up in a while? The oil is gunky. Filters are clogged. Belts are stretched and cracked. You can’t drive a vehicle for long in that condition!

Or take a musical instrument, for example. If you don’t tune the strings or the drum heads or maintain the valves and air flow before you play, no one will like the sound.

In the same way, you need regular Maui AC tune up services to keep your air conditioner running smoothly without making any horrible sounds. And, thankfully, with our air conditioning tune up contractors, Maui residents don’t need to bring their AC to a mechanic’s shop or perform the work themselves. We come to you at a time that is convenient for you.

When you call us for an air conditioning tune up, Maui home and business owners will enjoy the benefits of continued peak energy-efficiency from their air conditioner and far fewer repairs than less maintained systems call for. With a regular AC tune up, Maui residents will save in energy, repair costs, and downtime!

No one wants their car to breakdown for lack of a few minutes of maintenance, and no one wants to be without their AC for lack of scheduling a quick tune up.

We are the best air conditioning tune up contractor Maui has to offer for a few reasons: our timeliness, our thoroughness, our responsiveness. We will arrive on time and conduct your Maui air conditioning tune up as quickly as possible with all the needed tools and supplies on hand. We will perform a detailed cleaning of your main air conditioning unit and all of the system components, including vents, air handlers, or solar panels. We will also check all the components of your AC and recommend any repairs that might be needed before our next visit.

Our expert technicians have become familiar with every type of commercial and residential air conditioning system and know exactly what to look for in a routine maintenance visit. So, give us a call and let us prove why we are the best air conditioning tune up contractor Maui has to offer.

Call 808-244-0161 and let us help make sure your air conditioner continues to provide the cooling power that you need!

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Maui Air Conditioning Tune Up Services Include:

maui air conditioning tuneup servicesHow often you tune up a car depends on how much you drive it. And we drive our air conditioners in Maui a lot! So it’s important not to miss a scheduled maintenance period, or put if off longer than our weather warrants.
Give us a call, and we’ll be able to tell you how often your particular air conditioning unit and system needs checked. The minimum recommended Maui AC tune up is once a year, but most units require care more often, simply based on the “mileage” we put on our systems throughout the year.
When you call us to be your air conditioning tune up contractors, Maui home and business owners will receive:

Detailed AC and system cleaning. We will remove dust and debris outside your AC unit and inside, and from the interiors of your vents. This will keep your electrical components and machinery clean, and your airways free of obstruction. This detailed cleaning will ensure that no buildup or clogging interferes with your unit’s operation or your system’s energy efficiency.

Thorough parts check. We will inspect and test every part of your air conditioner during your Maui air conditioning tune up to ensure that everything is functioning properly and that no repairs will be needed in the near future. If we do spot something, we’ll let you know and give you an estimate of expected costs. Taking care of repairs before they cause a problem prevents you from needing emergency service later. We can carry out the repair in a planned manner, gathering all the parts that we’ll need ahead of time.

Electrical calibration checks. We’ll check your electrical supply to the AC to make sure no faults are forming. We’ll also check that your unit is communicating accurately with your thermostat and other system components you might have included.

Refrigerant checks. Just like checking your car’s fluid levels, we’ll also check your refrigerant levels and ensure that no leaks have developed.
This yearly or bi-annual evaluation of your hard-working system will take only a little time but will save a lot of time in repairs later. It will cost a little money but will save you a lot of money in repair costs over the years. It will also save you money in energy efficiency.

And for more savings on your Maui air conditioner tune up, pair it with other services, such as when we install a new air conditioner for you or come for a repair service call.

For a complete AC tune up, Maui residents can call us at 808-244-0161.

Air Conditioner Tune Up – Maui Benefits

air conditioner tune up benefitsDid you know that regular Maui air conditioning tune up services can save you as much 30% on your yearly energy costs? This is true for homeowners and businesses! And besides the energy savings, the other benefits of an air conditioning tune up Maui residents can include:

Less stress – Inspecting your AC unit regularly allows you to catch and repair issues on your timetable, not when a malfunction occurs.

Greater efficiency – Maintaining your system will allow it to run more smoothly, providing you with more cooling power while consuming less energy.

Reduced repair costs – You won’t need as many repairs, so you won’t have to pay for them!

Longer lifespan – With a regularly scheduled air conditioner tune up, Maui residents can prolong the life of their air conditioner for an additional 10 to 20 years without the need for a replacement.

To save on your Maui air conditioner tune up, pair it when you call us for a new air conditioner installation or repair work.

Choose Us for Your Air Conditioning Tune Up, Maui!

air conditioning tuneup mauiWith our expertise in maintaining every type of commercial or residential air conditioner and our core value of treating our customers like the Maui neighbors that they are, we hope that you’ll agree that we are the best air conditioning tune up contractor Maui has.

We encourage property owners in Lahaina, Kahului, Wailuku, and Kihei to call us and what a difference a regular Maui air conditioning tune up can make over time.

Call 808-244-0161 and don’t let your air conditioner run out of tune!

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