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January 22, 2019


Your health hinges on a number of things, including sleep. It’s hard to function at your best when you didn’t sleep well, and a number of factors affect the quality of your slumber says the top Maui HVAC company. One is the temperature in your bedroom. You can’t sleep well if your room is too warm or too cold. The obvious solution is to install an HVAC system for your house in Maui. If you have a working system, then you should tweak it to make your bedchamber as snug as possible. In addition, you probably need to humidify or dehumidify your room.

What’s the ideal bedroom temperature?

Your body temperature drops when you’re sleeping, but it can’t cool itself significantly if your room is warm. The National Sleep Foundation says the ideal ambient temperature that promotes good sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. But most parts of Maui have nighttime temperatures well above this range. For this reason, it definitely makes sense to have a Maui HVAC company to install a cooling system to allow you to get quality sleep.

Do I need an air conditioner for my house in Maui?

If you live in Wailuku, Kihei, or Kahului, where nighttime temperatures hover in the 70s, sleeping can be uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. Hence, most homes now are air-conditioned to keep indoor air cool enough, especially at night when people should be relaxing and nodding off.

What if I already have an air conditioner, but my room is still too warm for comfort?

You probably need to have your AC checked by a Maui HVAC company. Maybe it needs some tune-up. Or maybe you have a unit that’s too small for your room. An AC technician can inspect your unit and your room to see what the problem is.

Houses that rely on a central air conditioner may benefit from zone-control AC systems, which allow owners to customize temperatures for each room. So one can lower the temperature in their bedroom without affecting other rooms. This way, you can sleep better without raising your energy costs significantly.

What about the humidity?

The ideal indoor humidity for comfort is from 40 to 50 percent. Humidity is just a fancy word for the amount of moisture in the air. You don’t want your indoor air to be too humid or too dry.

The more moisture there is in the air, the sticker and heavier it feels. Too much moisture also promotes the proliferation of mold. If your room feels sticky or heavy and smells musty, check its humidity.

On the other hand, if your room is too dry, then you’re breathing in dry air that can also dry out and irritate your airway. That can also get in the way of great sleep.

To solve these problems, you have to contact your Maui HVAC company technician to assess your indoor air and bring its temperature and humidity to an acceptable degree. Depending on the moisture levels in your house, you may need to either humidify or dehumidify your rooms. Remember, indoor temperature and humidity should be regulated for a number of reasons aside from having quality sleep.

Can I just add fans?

Supposing your AC is working just fine and you don’t want to get a bigger unit to suffice your needs, the next option is to install fans. A ceiling fan provides a gentle downdraft that provides additional cooling to keep you comfortable throughout the night, avoiding annoying and sweaty awakenings.

Many homes benefit from fans because of the ventilation and air circulation they produce. However, another benefit of fans that is worth mentioning is the white noise they make. This background noise helps mask unwanted outdoor sounds and helps put you to sleep.

Do you need an air conditioner for your house in Maui? Call Pacific Air Conditioning at 808-244-0161. We schedule free consultations and check your home to see what can be improved to help you sleep better at night.







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