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Has it been costing you more lately to cool your Maui home? Do you have any concerns about the quality of the air your home is circulating? Does your commercial HVAC system sound like it’s working harder, or not keeping up with the heat? If so, our Kahului air conditioning services are exactly what you need! We’ve been offering AC services in Kahului since 2015, so call us first to help keep your home or business cool every day of the year.

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When you make Maui your home, you know that the weather is beautiful – and hot! You know that you need an air conditioner, and air conditioner service people, to keep you comfortable. We’re those people you can count on!

Air Conditioning Contractors Kahului – Qualifications

Our team is qualified and prepared to be your air conditioning contractors in Kahului. We can troubleshoot, repair, replace, or install any air conditioning system you have or need. We know Kahului, and we know how to beat the heat. Call us now with any questions you have about our Maui air conditioning services.


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Maintain & Replace


If you’ve just purchased or built a new house in Kahului and need to upgrade or install AC for the entire home, we can help guide you. We have performed an air conditioning installation in Kahului using almost every AC system. We can help you decide between Central Air, room units, ductless systems, and solar-powered grids, just to name a few of the options. It depends on us for any air conditioning installation. We’re here to make your home as comfortable as possible so that you’ll love Maui as much as we do!

Air Conditioning Contractor Kahului – Why hire a contractor?

If, however, your current AC is performing poorly and you don’t think it’s time to replace it with a completely new unit, we are happy to offer repair services. You might need such air conditioning services in Kahului if you notice your energy bills gradually or suddenly climbing. This could be an indication that your AC needs a tune-up before it goes out completely.

It’s definitely time for repair if you hear it making strange noises or running louder than usual. And, of course, if it’s running but not cooling, you can’t have that. Whatever the issue, let air conditioning contractors take a look. We’ll inspect the unit, give you a straightforward estimate of what it will cost to fix, and let you decide what to do – no pressure involved. We’re just here to help find the best solution for you.


How do you get the most out of your air conditioner and ensure that you don’t need to make any costly repairs or purchase a new unit any time soon? You perform preventative maintenance checks! Or, rather, you allow us to PM your system. We will inspect, clean, and make any necessary adjustments to your AC to ensure that the system is working properly. We’ll also be able to spot developing problems and correct them before they develop into something more troublesome.

Eventually, though, despite all of our efforts, there will come a time when a repair is needed and said repair will cost more than your current air conditioner is worth. Our Kahului air conditioning services will help you say goodbye to your old unit and hello to its newer replacement. Whether you’ve been waiting to do an air conditioning replacement until the right time, or simply don’t want to put more money into the old unit, we can help ensure that your new replacement won’t need to be changed out for many years.

When do you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioner versus repairing it? When your until breaks down, we can give you an estimate of how much it will cost to get it running again. Sometimes, the answer is clear. Obsolete systems are often just as expensive to fix as purchasing a replacement would be. In that case, it doesn’t make any sense not to switch it out. Another factor is foreseeable repairs. If we can tell that more repairs are going to be necessary for the near future, we can give you an idea of what those repairs will cost. At that point, it might again seem that replacement is the most cost-effective option. The third factor is energy efficiency. Will a replacement, plus the energy savings it will provide match the cost of current or short-term repair needs? If so, replace it!

The final factor is salability. If you’re looking to sell your home or business space, take advantage of the repair cost by turning it into an upgrade. Let our AC services in Kahului help provide an added sale point to your property so that you can reap more of a return from your total investment. We can discuss ductless AC systems or solar-powered air conditioning to give your property a fully updated unit and circulation system.


As hard as your air conditioner works in our weather, sooner or later, a fault will occur, and you’ll need a repair person to take a look at it. This is no problem as our AC services in Kihei will get your system back and up and running quickly and at the most cost-effective price possible. We can diagnose any problem your AC is having and solve it with minimal downtime. Please do keep in mind that air conditioning systems, and even room AC’s, are complex machines. When you’re not familiar with how your air conditioner is built, it’s best to call for our Kihei, Maui air conditioning services. We have the technical knowledge, and access to the parts, that you need to repair your AC quickly and at as little cost as possible. If your unit is malfunctioning, call us now, We’re only a call away and will be happy to help.


Maintenance is more than repair. Really, it’s making sure that you don’t need a repair or at least puts off the need for a major repair for as long as possible. Maintenance is more about inspecting and cleaning your AC to remove any buildup that might interfere with its smooth operation, and checking for parts that are wearing out so that they can be replaced before they cause a problem. When you make maintenance part of your regular air conditioning services, your system should more efficiently and reliably, rewarding you with increased energy savings and fewer repair costs.


Has it been costing you more lately to cool your Maui home? Do you have any concerns about the quality of the air your home is circulating? Does your commercial HVAC system sound like it’s working harder, or not keeping up with the heat? If so, our Kahului air conditioning services are exactly what you need! We’ve been offering AC services in Kahului since 2015, so call us first to help keep your home or business cool every day of the year.

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Call us for any copper, stainless steel, or galvanized sheet metal project you need to be completed.
  •  Flashing
  •  Ducts
  •  Metal roofing
  •  Gutters
  •  Art designs
  •  Hoods
  •  Industrial components
We offer discounts for Kahului sheet metal bulk work as well. Don’t take your business somewhere else. Get exactly what you need and give us a call at 808-244-0161 and find out what Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal can do for you.


Kahului businesses thrive both on tourism and servicing our local community. But whatever type of business you own, you and your customers need to be comfortable to operate efficiently. And visitors, especially, appreciate a well-cooled business space. We can help ensure that your customers stay longer and return more frequently with our professional, commercial HVAC services. Our air conditioning contractors are familiar with all types of commercial HVAC systems and can quickly troubleshoot or repair your system to get your business back to normal.
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Air Conditioning Contractors Kahului – What do we provide?

If you need a new install or replacement, we can do that too. As a Maui business, we believe in serving our commercial colleagues with professionalism and efficiency. From in-house to roof units, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also be happy to schedule routine maintenance visits to help ensure that your climate control is never interrupted. We do good business to help you do good business.


A traditional air conditioning system relies on ductwork being routed to and from the main, every room in your home or business, and to the outside. With advances in technology, all of this ductwork is no longer necessary. And depending on the size of your home or building, it might not be the most energy efficient system either. Our air conditioning services in Kahului include consulting, designing, installing, repairing, and replacing ductless mini split systems.

We can also provide regular or one-time inspection and cleaning services for your existing ductless mini-split.

Call Us

Give us a call, and we will help you decide if a ductless mini split system is the right choice for your home or business. We’ll estimate any energy savings you might enjoy as well. Call us now. We’re here to help our Maui neighbors!

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