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February 19, 2019


It’s great having a Maui air conditioning system during the hot summer when you need to keep cool, but leaving it on for too long drives your utility bills into outer space. One of the most surprising ways to save money when it comes to air conditioning is to replace your old air conditioner and have a new one installed.

Pacific Air Conditioning from Wailuku is here to explain how this can save money in the long-term:

More Efficient Models Save Energy and Money
It might seem like it would be cheaper to repair an old Maui air conditioning system, but the reality is that you can save more money by just replacing it with a brand new model. Older AC models tend to be inefficient, leading to higher energy bills. New units are built to use up less energy and can drastically reduce energy bills as a result. New models are generally more eco-friendly as well and are better for the environment than old models.

Central Air Benefits
Central air is one of the best options you can choose when deciding on a replacement. Central air makes a lot less noise and it takes up much less space than an old window or wall air conditioner unit. Central Maui air conditioning systems are placed outside of the house, which means they take up less space indoors. These units are also energy efficient and controlled through thermostats.

Maintenance and Repairs
A newer Maui air conditioning unit will require less maintenance because it is better put together. Some companies also offer tax incentives and other rebates for upgrading your air conditioner. With a new air conditioner that comes with a thermostat you can control, you’re able to set up a daily schedule for cooling built around when you are at home and when the need for cool air is greatest.

Pacific Air Conditioning has been providing Maui air conditioning services and repairs for homes and businesses in Wailuku since 2015. Their team provides the best AC installs, repairs, and other services to match the available space and budget of customers. The company also provides free on-site estimates for clients. Visit them online or call 808-244-0161 to learn more and arrange a consultation.







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