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January 17, 2019


​According to top air conditioner companies on Maui, one of the favorite targets of burglars is your air conditioner. They don’t usually grab the whole machine and run away carrying that bulky thing. What they usually do is they steal parts of it, such as the metal coils and fins. Thieves can sell these metal fragments for a few dollars. This is why Kahului air conditioning companies recommend putting up security measures to discourage robbers from breaking into your property and disfiguring your AC.

If your AC is insured against theft, you’re still better off adding more protection to your equipment to deter delinquents from touching it. Securing your equipment not only discourages theft but also spares you from the hassle of having to deal with insurance paperwork and replacement. It’s not like you’re going to get a new unit right away.

Although Kahului is relatively a safe place, reports of burglary are not uncommon. If you live in vulnerable area, air conditioner companies on Maui suggest upping your security measures and making sure your AC keeps its integrity for as long as it’s serving you. There are a number of ways to keep your air conditioning unit safe from thieves.

Cage it.

The best way to keep thieves away is by locking up your condenser in a cage. This costs about a few hundred dollars. We recommend hiring air conditioner companies on Maui to install the cage to ensure the quality of the enclosure. Burglars will have a hard time breaking your AC apart and stealing the condenser. A thief, upon seeing your condenser inside a metal cage, will just go somewhere else.

When buying or making a condenser cage, keep air circulation in mind. Standard cages maximize airflow to not choke your equipment. If you’re constructing your own AC condenser enclosure, choose materials strong enough to resist cutting or bending and build a cage that allows good airflow. Condensers that get choked on its own ejected hot air will reduce the efficiency of your cooling system and ruin your equipment fast.

Install lights around your home.

Lights make thieves hesitate. Dark houses attract burglars because they aren’t seen easily. If your air conditioner’s condenser is out there in your dark backyard, there’s a good chance that someone’s going to sneak in and take your unit. Get recommendations from top air conditioner companies on Maui on the best places to install lighting around your home.

Install motion detectors.

Smart homeowners don’t put just ordinary lighting fixtures. Instead, they set up motion detectors. They’re not only for your AC but also for the overall safety of your property and family. It may sound like over-the-top, but security is becoming a necessity these days.

Make your AC communicate with you.

You can install security features that allow you to monitor the performance of your air conditioner wherever you are. A security system can notify you if your unit suddenly experiences power supply or coolant flow interruption. Advanced security systems are also capable of notifying authorities in case of a break-in, thus keeping your property protected while you’re away.

Remove obstructions.

This sounds counterintuitive. After all, wouldn’t you want to hide your AC from potential robbers? However, the contrary is often true. Robbers hesitate when the target object can be seen right away because it means the neighbors can also easily see them if they steal it. Remove bushes and shrubs that hide the external part of your air conditioner from view.

Mark your equipment.

It’s hard to recover lost parts of your equipment after being stolen. When a robber steals your AC’s aluminum or copper coils and fins, he most likely will sell them to someone else. But if these parts have your name and unit’s serial number etched on them, the buyer can notify you or the police. Hence, you have a better chance of recovering them. Ask air conditioner companies on Maui if they can add this feature to your unit.

An air conditioner makes your life more comfortable. Make sure to keep it maintained and safe. Ask Pacific Air Conditioning for any assistance. Call us at 808-244-0161.







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