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Air Conditioning Maui


Providing homeowners in Wailuku, Lahaina, Kihei, and Kahului with quality AC installation, maintenance, and repair.

You rely on your Maui air conditioning system to keep you cool and dry almost every day of the year. We know; we live here too!
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So let us take care of your cooling needs and ensure that even when Maui gets its hottest, your air conditioner will provide every bit of comfort that you need. Count on the dedicated service people of Pacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal.

We’ve been air conditioning homes and businesses since 2015, and have worked hard in that short amount of time to build a reputation for professionalism and expertise among our Maui neighbors.

Our Maui air conditioning services for commercial and residential clients include:

  •  Consultation and AC system design
  •  New air conditioner and system installation
  •  Air conditioner replacement
  •  Preventative maintenance
  •  Comprehensive repair
  •  Energy audits

We aim to be the best air conditioning contractor Maui residents can turn to for any services. We ensure that your new or current unit is operating at optimum performance levels for your space and that you are completely satisfied with the work we perform. Our technicians are polite, punctual, and trained to handle any commercial or residential air conditioning services Maui property owners need. Don’t let the Maui heat become a nuisance for you or your guests. Let us help you enjoy the weather with full Maui AC services. Need to make an appointment in Wailuku, Lahaina, Kihei, or Kahului? Give the friendly experts at Pacific Air and Sheet Metal a call at 808-244-0161! Call us today to discuss your air conditioning replacement options. We’re the Maui AC contractor you can count on to do it right the first time!


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The heat in Maui doesn’t take too many breaks, and neither do we! Just like your Maui air conditioning system works hard to keep you cool, we’ll work hard to keep your AC running as you need it to.

Whether you need a simple inspection and cleaning check or something more involved, like full-service air conditioning design and layouts, we’ve got it covered. We can even construct our own ductwork at our sheet metal fabrication shop.
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Our contractor professionals can also troubleshoot or repair any air conditioner you have, no matter how old or how new. We can service any unit or system across Maui—from Kahului to Wailuku to Lahaina to Kihei. We use our day-to-day experience fixing air conditioning systems and sourcing hard-to-find components to work for you. Combining quality and efficiency, we hope you’ll consider us the best air conditioning contractor Maui residents could ask for.

You are our number one priority, and we’re working for you to keep your AC working for you.

When you need top-quality maintenance services in Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, or Wailuku, contact the Maui service team of choice at Pacific Air and Sheet Metal!



As your Maui AC contractor, we know that installing a new air conditioning unit or system is a large investment. When done right, a new air conditioner can serve as a valuable update for your home or business property and can eventually pay for itself in reduced energy costs.

But when less than the ideal unit is installed, or the quality of the system’s installation is not up to industry standards, your investment might be wasted.

Not all air conditioners are rated for all spaces. Installing an air conditioner that can’t cool your size house or business is a wasted resource that will soon need to be replaced. Sloppy ductwork will allow cool air to escape into non-living spaces rather than delivering it where you need it. Instead of saving energy, it will increase your energy bills!

When our Maui AC services install your new unit or system, we guarantee that it will be a wise, lasting investment sure to keep you perfectly comfortable in your home or place of business.

Invite us for a consultation at your property, and we will analyze your needs and offer a few appropriate choices. If you’ve already selected a new air conditioning system, we can confirm that it will fit your needs and estimate the longevity of the new unit.

Remember, installation day is the most important day of your new air conditioner’s hopefully long life. We’ll help make that day go smoothly so that your air conditioner runs smoothly from its first power-up on.

Want to schedule a consultation with our Maui AC contractor? Give us a call. We’re ready to help!


Do you need to upgrade your air conditioning system? Is it wearing down and not pushing the cold air like it used to? Are repair costs to heavy justify? Say thank you to your old unit for its years of service and hello to a new, younger model.

When you call our Maui AC services, you can feel comfortable not only because your home or business will be cool again, but because you’ll know that we helped you find the perfect replacement option for your area. Any traditional, ductless mini-split, or solar-powered unit that we install will be more reliable and energy-efficient than your current unit.


Rather than replacing your air conditioner, you might simply need a relatively cost-effective repair. Air conditioners are built to last for many years, so if your air conditioner is less than ten years old, even in our Maui heat, there’s a good chance that a one-time repair will keep it functioning for another few years.

If your air conditioner is running abnormally or not running at all, call us in for a quick inspection. As your Maui AC contractor, we’ll locate where the fault is and repair it with quality components as fast as possible without charging for unnecessary work.


Just like you need to change the oil in your vehicle and get it professionally tuned up every couple of months, your AC needs to be tuned up to continue running at optimum performance.

Our regular cleaning and inspection service for will ensure that your entire system is cared for and free of any imminent repair needs. The last thing you want to do is let your air conditioner run all year long without giving it a simple check-up, so give us a call to do just that.

We provide commercial and residential air conditioning services Maui residents can count on to protect their air conditioning investments!


We value our work, and we value you. In any commercial or residential air conditioning services Maui residents call for, we will prove to be timely, courteous, skilled technicians able to install, replace, fix, or maintain any air conditioning system.

Schedule an appointment now and discover why our Maui neighbors from Kahului, Lahaina, Wailuku, and Kihei can rely on us!
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