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duct cleaning mauiNearly every conventional air conditioning system works the same way. They deliver air to the different rooms or areas of your building through the use of ducts or vents. They’re certainly a step up from window units that your parents or grandparents had because they can disperse air more evenly throughout your area. The downside of having ducts networked throughout your building is that you have to clean them or the dust that they collect will severely reduce your air conditioners energy efficiency and the quality of your air.

Our commercial duct cleaning contractors thoroughly clean your ventilation system to restore the quality of your air for you and your customers and the energy efficiency your commercial air conditioner was designed to provide.

We provide regularly scheduled or one-time commercial duct cleaning services on Maui anywhere in Kihei, Lahaina, Wailuku, or Kahului! If your building has been damaged or wear has caused a fault in your ventilation, we also provide commercial duct repair services. Thanks to our sheet metal fabrication facility, we can quickly and easily replace any ductwork in your building without having to source it to another contractor or rely on off-the-shelf one-size-fits-none products.

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How Our Commercial Duct Cleaning Services in Maui Work

how commercial duct cleaining services work

For most systems, our commercial contractors will remove your vents and inspect them for damage. If we find extensive wear or ill-fitting connections, we’ll suggest taking advantage of our commercial duct repair services on Maui.

Next, we will vacuum and brush your ducts and returns inside and out to remove any dust or debris. Finally, we will spray disinfectant into the return to help nullify bacteria and viruses that flow through your ventilation system.

If you would like, we can also add air purifiers or improved ventilation filters to ensure a higher quality of air and a healthier atmosphere for you and your clients.

Call our commercial duct cleaning contractors today to schedule service anywhere in Kihei, Kahului, Wailuku, or Lahaina!

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