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Sheet Metal Contractors Maui – Exact, Friendly, Local Service

maui sheet metal contractorPacific Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal are your one-stop for sheet metal fabrication on Maui. We offer a local service for any sheet metal projects Maui businesses might need. From fittings to hoods to custom industrial machine walls, we can cut it, stamp it, smooth it, bend it according to your exact specifications.

Sheet Metal Contractors Maui – Explained

If you’re not sure how to explain what you need in exact measurements, we’re local! We’ll come to you and consult with you regarding your need so that we can work together to find the best solution.

For homes or businesses, we can create custom air conditioning ducts and ventilation systems, gutters, metal roof slats, and countertops and backsplashes for perfectly sanitary kitchens.

With a variety of tools for sheet metal fabrication, including CNC services, there’s no need to go off island. We’re the friendly neighborhood supplier of your needs for custom sheet metal on Maui.

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Call us to discuss your project and possible bulk order discounts. We’re here to work with our clients in Lahaina, Kihei, Wailuku, or Kahului. Dial 808-244-0161 ready to receive answers to your questions.

Our services for sheet metal fabrication on Maui include:

Aluminum, copper, and stainless steel applications (call for others)
Cutting your metal to length
Shearing surfaces for the round to flat utilities
Stamping shapes into your metal for logos or instructions
Punching specified holes through your material
Notching your orders for a specific fit
Embossing shapes onto your metal or other material
Bending or forming your material to desired shapes
Smoothing your metal products for safety or easy installation

As a full-service Maui sheet metal contractor, we can fill any large or small order that you have.

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Maui Sheet Metal Contractor for Stainless Steel Counters and Backsplashes

sheet metal contractor for stainless stillAre you installing a new commercial kitchen? Are you a homeowner with a serious love for cooking? Make the most out of your new kitchen with a stainless steel countertop! With such easy cleaning and the ability to work right on your countertop without the fear of damaging it, stainless steel countertops and backsplashes are the cook-friendly, germ-deterring best choice.

And with custom sheet metal fabrication, you can order the exact dimensions for your space! If you want a more stylish backsplash or counter bend, we can cut your custom sheet metal on Maui according to your design or we can draw up a couple of designs for you.

You won’t need to worry about sharp edges or angles either. We can smooth your counter or backsplash edges to provide a perfectly safe, sanitary working environment for you and your food.

Call us to learn more about the custom countertops and backsplashes our Maui sheet metal contractor can provide for you!

CNC Custom Sheet Metal in Maui

cnc custom sheet metal in mauiAs your professional Maui sheet metal contractor, we stay up to date on all the tools we need to complete your projects to the quality standards you require. With our Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machine, we can craft a large variety of products with precise measurements. This allows us to provide custom roofing products, irrigation, and agricultural products, and well as custom work on racing vehicles.

Call us for any custom sheet metal fabrication. We enjoy our work and would love to see your project come to life, no matter what it is! Whether you need one piece or a large volume to fit your own business needs, we’ll be happy to deliver.

Call us from anywhere in Kahului, Wailuku, Kihei, or Lahaina and let’s get your next project started with a local touch!

Custom Roofing Sheet Metal Fabrication in Maui

custom roofing sheet metal fabricationWhen you are finishing or repairing a roof, you might find yourself in need of custom flashing or vent designs. We provide home and business owners with custom sheet metal on Maui to meet all of your needs for custom roof curbs, chimney flashings, valley flashings, or roof-to-wall flashing.

We can quickly supply the piece that you need so that you can complete your project as fast and as well as possible. Don’t settle for finagling wrong pieces into place. Get exactly what you need to do the job right! We cut each piece to make a perfect fit for your job.

Call us for all your roofing needs in Kihei, Wailuku, Kahului, or Lahaina!

Stainless Steel and Copper Hood Sheet Metal Fabrication in Maui

custom roofing sheet metal fabricationWe’ve already mentioned our stainless steel counters and backsplashes, but if you’re installing or remodeling a new kitchen for your restaurant or home, you’re also going to want a new hood or series of hoods. With our services for custom sheet metal on Maui, you can have just the right fit for your space!

If you are a business installing a new hood for your welding area or other industrial applications, get exactly what you need quickly with our services for custom sheet metal fabrication on Maui. Your new maintenance or production area will look tidy and professional so that your team can take pride in their work.

Call us at 808-244-0161 to get started on your custom hood for cooking or industry safety. Our custom hoods look chic, are easy to install, and help keep your areas clean and safe.

Custom Ductwork from Your Maui Sheet Metal Contractor

If you need new or replacement ductwork, or transitioning to spiral ductwork for your home or business, don’t waste time on one-size-fits-none ductwork. Let us measure exactly what you need for your new installation or repair. As a full-service air conditioning contractor, we can also install your ductwork if you would like.

Call us at 808-244-0161 and let us know how we can help you complete your projects!

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