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Maui Air Conditioning Repair Services


Providing Home and Business Owners in Kahului, Kihei, Wailuku, and Lahaina with Expert Air Conditioner Repair Services.

As a Maui home or business owner, you know how hot our weather can be. When temperatures get over 100 degrees, your air conditioner is the only lasting relief you can find.
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AC Repair Maui – We Are Here to Help

But what happens when your air conditioner breaks down? Everyone in the house is miserable! And if your business AC goes out, customers might not stay as long, and your staff will have a harder time staying in good spirits, both of which can hurt a business’ returns for the day.

When your AC goes kaput, we are the air conditioning repair contractors Maui counts on. With our commitment to service and experience troubleshooting all kinds of residential and commercial AC’s, we’ll have your air conditioning running again in no time. You can get back to living – or working – comfortably.

AC Repair Maui – Doing The Job Fast And Efficient

As our Maui neighbors, we do our best to perform any Maui air conditioning job quickly, with complete professionalism, at a fair price. We will arrive within a narrow window that we have prescheduled with you, keep our work as clean as possible, and always be attentive to your needs.

We will keep you informed of the problems that we find while conducting our initial inspection and will always provide you with a variety of choices to ensure that you are receiving the perfect balance of quality and cost-efficiency.

With our day-to-day experience in fixing all types of air conditioners, we are the best air conditioning repair contractor Maui residents can call. We don’t say this out of arrogance. We say it because our Kihei, Wailuku, Kahului, and Lahaina neighbors have put their trust in us and we strive to live up to our reputation for quality AC repair.

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Call 808-244-0161 for all of your Maui air conditioning repair needs. We’re nearby and ready to help!


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Besides the obvious problem of your air conditioner not turning on despite electrical integrity, here are a few signs you might be heading toward an air conditioning repair job.

Utility Bill Increases – Your AC could be consuming more energy for a few reasons. Maybe a component is wearing out and the system as a whole needs to run harder or more consistently to compensate for a stiff or worn out part. Maybe dust buildup is interfering with your components. Or perhaps debris is blocking your vents and preventing the cold air from reaching your thermostat sensor, so your AC is running more than it would need to if the airflow was unobstructed. No matter the reason, after we complete an AC repair, Maui residents usually notice a positive difference in their energy costs.
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New Noises – Your AC makes a noise when it turns on and off and produces ambient noise while it is running, but if those noises change in volume or a new noise develops altogether, don’t hesitate to call for a repair. A quick call for AC repair can prevent warnings from turning into problems. You especially want to call for service if you hear crackling, banging, or any type of grinding. There are many components in your air conditioner, and a strange noise can signal a problem in any one of them.

Reduced Cooling – Does your AC seem to be running normally but isn’t providing enough cool air? Is the air coming out of your vents cool at all? This could be a problem with your air conditioning unit or your thermostat.

Power Interruptions – Is your air conditioner turning on and off frequently? Is it tripping the breaker? This indicates a problem with the electrical control or a failing sensor. In either case, an air conditioner that won’t stay on can’t run long enough to cool your home or building.

We’re the air conditioning repair contractors Maui residents can count on to catch any of these problems and more. Don’t let these warnings develop further. Call us and let us provide the air conditioning repair Maui residents need in cases like these. You’ll be glad you did!


If your current air conditioner is running more loudly than normal, making unusual noises, tripping off and on, not turning on at all, or running but not producing enough cold air, you need the AC repair services we offer. Not only can you count on us to diagnose the problem your AC is experiencing, but we will also provide industrial-quality replacement parts and the fastest repair work available. We know that you need your air conditioner back up and running at peak efficiency as quickly as possible, and our experience in AC repair helps us to do just that.
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There’s no Maui air conditioning repair job that will stump us or keep us guessing for very long. With our years of experience, we’re confident that we’ve learned almost everything that can go wrong with an air conditioner unit or system. This includes the electrical supply feeding into the AC and any plumbing associated with your system.

When you call us, we can and will provide the proficient air conditioning repair Maui residents need. We’re speedy. We’re experts. We’re friendly. We’re the best air conditioning repair contractor Maui home and business owners can count on!

Call us at 808-244-0161 anywhere in Lahaina, Kahului, Wailuku, or Kihei!


Repairs are usually faster, less expensive, and can normally extend the life of your air conditioner for years. That is if no other problems are developing.
We would normally recommend Maui AC repair in the following circumstances.

  •  Repairs, in general, have been infrequent and this is the first occurrence of this particular issue
  • The needed repair is less expensive than a half of the cost needed for a replacement
  •  Your main AC unit is ten years old or less
  •  The repair does not involve the AC unit but is for the thermostat or ventilation
  •  The repair is covered by a manufacturer or service warranty
  •  You plan on staying in your home or business space for the foreseeable future
  •  Your current AC is sufficiently energy-efficient compared to Maui standards
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We began operation in 2008 and have worked hard to become the best repair contractor Maui has. Our belif is that serving our Lahaina, Kahului, Kihei, and Wailuku neighbors fairly and with top-quality service is good business. Since we don’t like being sold on repairs that we don’t need, and we’ll never do the same to you.

Our goal is to present the best solution for your air conditioning repair job at a price you can feel comfortable with so that you can confidently recommend our services to others. When you win, we win!

We won’t advise a repair or course of action that we wouldn’t feel comfortable making for ourselves.

Call us for any air conditioner repair Maui homes or businesses need. We’ll do it best! 808-244-0161.

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