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Are you building a new home or business on Maui and want an air conditioning system that doesn’t need a whole network of vents to cool your different rooms?

Mini Split AC Maui – Conversion

Or do you want to convert your existing air conditioning system to be more energy-efficient?
If so, a ductless mini-split system could be the right solution for you.

With commercial or residential mini-split systems, Maui residents enjoy perfect temperatures as cool air is distributed evenly throughout your building. No room or area will be colder or hotter than another. Plus, your cool won’t be wasted traveling through the vents or leaking out of the duct connections into your floor, walls, or attic space.

Mini Split AC Maui – Our Contractors

Our contractors are perfectly trained to help you design, install, and service your new system. Give us a call, and we can discuss your options for a ductless mini-split.

Services we can provide ductless mini-split AC systems clients include the following.

Ductless mini-split design
Installation of your ductless new mini-split system
Ductless mini-split replacements when needed
Repair for your ductless mini-split AC or components
Ductless mini-split cleaning and inspection

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Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems: Maui Installation & Replacement

Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems: Maui Installation & ReplacementThe fact that we can cool a home or build more evenly without ductwork is a proven technology. And in places like Maui, better cooling solutions are always welcome.

Besides more integrated cooling, another benefit of commercial and residential ductless mini-split systems Maui clients enjoy is the added convenience when constructing a new home or business space. With no need for AC vents, that’s one less consideration that you need to take into account when laying out the rest of your building’s utilities and features. It’s also an expedient solution for homes or business that have old venting that has been damaged or proven inefficient for your cooling needs. No problem! Leave the ductwork where it is; simply by-pass the need to use it with a ductless mini-split! The types of split AC systems Maui residents can choose from include:

Ceiling cassette systems
Wall-mounted systems
Ceiling-mounted systems

All of these options provide superior cooling, but the best placement for your home or building depends on the size of the rooms and the height of the ceiling.

Let our contractors help you decide your best option. Call us from anywhere in Kahului, Kihei, Lahaina or Wailuku. We’ll be there to help your needs!

Ductless Mini-Split Systems: Maui Replacement Needs?

Ductless Mini-Split System- Maui Replacement Needs?Whereas a well-functioning mini-split system should be able to cover you cooling needs more effectively and with less energy consumption than a vented system, this AC solution will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Our ductless mini-split systems contractors will normally suggest replacement rather than repair in the following situations.

Your mini-split AC isn’t cooling your spaceA min-split system in working order can combat even our hottest Maui days. If your system isn’t delivering the cool air as it did at first, it has probably exceeded its life expectancy and needs to be replaced.

Repair costs are adding upIf you are needing repair work done more than once a year, or if the same issue has occurred more than once in three years, it might be more cost effective to replace the system with one that has proven to be more reliable.

Your energy bills are increasing. A major advantage of mini-split systems is their high energy efficiency. Once switching to this type of system, you should see a reduction in your energy bill. If your utility bills start to rise again, this could be an indication that your system is working too hard and would probably need a complete overhaul to restore its efficiency.

The air quality in your building has dropped. Mini-split systems are made to filter the air more thoroughly than conventional AC units. This helps the system prevent dust building up around its components while providing you with cleaner air. If you’re noticing more dust lingering in the air, one or more of your components will need to be replaced.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your ductless mini-split systems, Maui property owners can call us to confirm whether repair or replacement would be your best solution. As we seek to be the best among the ductless mini-split system contractors on Maui, we will never advise a more costly option when a less expensive solution would solve your need just as well.

Call us to schedule your inspection now!

Mini-Split AC Systems: Maui Repair and Maintenance

Mini-Split AC Systems: Maui Repair and MaintenanceIf you notice a change in how your mini-split system is functioning, give us a call. Any change from its original behavior will not be good, and addressing these warning signs as soon as they develop will prevent more drastic malfunctions.
Our commercial and residential ductless mini-split systems Maui clients are encouraged to call us if your system is:

Running louder than normal or making different noises
Emitting a metallic or musty smell
Forming frost
Forming condensation or dripping
Not cooling as it should

Any of these signs will require repair if not a replacement. We can help you minimize your costs by quickly addressing the underlying causes of these symptoms.

We can also help minimize repair and replacement costs over the life of your system with regular maintenance services. When you set up a regular maintenance schedule for your ductless mini-split systems, Maui owners will benefit from a thorough cleaning and parts inspection of their entire system to catch problems early on and extend the life of your system as long as possible.

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