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maui commercial ac tune-upDon’t let your commercial property give up in its fight to beat the heat this year. Ensure it has the stamina to keep going round after round every day with our Maui commercial HVAC tune-up services.

With temperatures as hot as they are on the island, and your business’ reliance on being able to keep your customers cool, you don’t want to leave your air conditioner’s continued functioning up to chance. The daily workload that we all put on our air conditioners take a toll on their components, and commercial air conditioners work harder than the rest due to the sheer size of commercial buildings and the in and out traffic that most of them experience.

Call our Maui commercial HVAC tune-up contractors and let us ensure that your air conditioning system is ready to functioning as powerfully and efficiently as you need it to. Regular maintenance services prevent downtime and prolong the life of your air conditioning system by up to 10 years!
When you hire our contractors, we trust that you will be satisfied with the cleaning and inspection that we provide during our maintenance visit as well as the friendliness and integrity of our technicians.

Our goal is to serve our Kihei, Lahaina, Wailuku, and Kahului business neighbors with the services that they need to continue being as successful as possible. Your success is our success.

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What is Included in Our Commercial AC Tune-Up Services in Maui?

What is Included in Our Commercial AC Tune-Up Services in Maui?We will conduct a thorough cleaning and inspection of your main air conditioning unit and all of the components of your system. This includes:

Testing your thermostat to ensure it is accurate and properly communicating with your air conditioner
Scanning your AC’s plenum gasket
Inspecting your ducts and vents for loose connections or damage
Cleaning and disinfecting your ducts to remove dust and to nullify them germs carried through your ventilation
Test the power connections feeding into your unit
Check for leaks or condensation
Ensure proper airflow with no frosting or freezing of air handlers
Verify that your blower’s motor is running easily and efficiently
Visually inspect for safety concerns or possible fault issues
Observe the unit in operation to identify any strange noises or unusual odors
Clean and check the unit’s condenser coils and compressor
Verify your refrigerant levels and adjust as needed
Diagnostically check relay switches and power settings
Visually inspect the integrity of the unit’s insulation

The Benefits of Maui Commercial HVAC Tune-Up Services

The Benefits of Maui Commercial HVAC Tune-Up ServicesWhen Kihei, Kahului, Wailuku, or Lahaina business owners call our commercial HVAC tune-up contractors for service, they will enjoy the following benefits:

Cleaner Air Quality: With the cleaning of your vents, you and your patrons will enjoy a cleaner, healthier atmosphere to work and do business in. Productivity will be higher as the air quality provides a lighter mood, and employee attendance will increase as fewer germs are allowed to circulate through your building.

Assurance of Operation: When we conduct our commercial AC tune-up services on Maui, we are specifically looking for parts that need lubricated or replaced. Ensuring that the components of your system are operating smoothly and replacing worn components allows your unit to keep functioning with much fewer repair needs between visits.

Optimum Energy Efficiency: When you schedule our commercial HVAC tune-ups on Maui, we’ll ensure that no air is leaking through ductwork and that your ventilation is free of obstructions. This will verify that your air conditioner unit is delivering cool air only where you want it as easily as possible. We’ll also check your settings to make sure no power is being wasted.

Enjoy these benefits by calling us. Dial 808-244-0161 anywhere in Kahului, Wailuku, Lahaina, or Kihei!

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