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Rain Gutters Maui


Gutters are a necessary part of every house and building. Without them, rain would slide off your roof and overwater the ground directly below. The repeated waterfall around the perimeter of your building could create an ugly mote-like depression in the ground. You might have seen a similar effect when a gutter pulled away from the roof or became so clogged that the water overflowed from the top.
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Rain Gutters Maui – Why is it Important?

Gutters are necessary for any building, and quality gutters are especially needed in rainy areas like Maui. With our rainfall, you need to make sure that your gutters are well-fitted and designed to handle a downpour.

We can provide durable rain gutters that not only serve their purpose of protecting your yard from waterfalls but also increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or business property. Our rain gutter fabricators can craft the following products for your Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, or Wailuku home or business.

  •  Aluminum, copper, or steel
  •  K-Style or half-round designs in any decorative shape
  •  Seamless gutters
  •  Gutter guards
  •  Downspouts or eye-catching rain chains
  •  Metal rain barrels or irrigation tracts
  •  Splash Pans

Rain Gutter Maui – Our Fabricators

Our rain gutter fabricators can customize the color and shapes of your drainage components to achieve the most appealing decor for your project. We can also help design your gutter system with on-site consultation and measurement services.

You won’t need to rely on store products or imported custom orders for your roofing needs. You can get exactly what you want quickly with our custom rain gutters made on Maui.

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We guarantee our rain gutters Maui to fit according to your exact specifications and to provide long-lasting service equal to the task of controlling our climate’s rain flow on your property.

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What material and shape should you choose? With so many options, it often depends on your roofing material and the overall decor of your home or building. You don’t need an overly intricate gutter and rain chain for a plain building, and you can detract from heavily stylized decor with an overly simple gutter system. The two should complement one another, not contrast.

Here are a few considerations. We can also speak more specifically about your building when you call us or ask for an on-site consultation.

Half-round gutters look more unique, but are often smaller than K-Style gutters. We can change that for your custom rain gutters made on Maui, but if you’re considering store-bought options, half-round gutters may not be able to handle the capacity that Maui rainfall demands. In a heavy or continued downpour, these smaller gutters might overflow. K-Style gutters are usually deeper, and our rain gutter fabricators can shape them so that their outward-facing surface displays any shape that you like.
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Materials: Aluminum is lightweight and can come in any color with hard, enamel paint baked onto the surface. It is stronger and more durable than less-expensive vinyl products.

  –Galvanized steel is a stronger material able to resist damage more readily than aluminum.

  –Copper gutters on Maui offer a unique appeal both when it is first installed and each year as the patina becomes more evident. Copper gutters on Maui are just as durable as steel and can be the perfect addition to your home or building’s decor.

Style: Sectioned gutters are a little easier to install as you can raise them up piece by piece. Seamless gutters are more durable as an overall system and provide better protection as water can’t leak out of section joints, even when clogged. Seamless gutters also look a little nicer as they are composed of one continuous piece across the length of the wall.


If you are ordering custom rain gutters to enhance the appearance of your home or building, you might want to consider matching gutter guards, rain chains, and splash pans. For more practical uses, including gutter guards, matching downspouts, and rain barrels or irrigation tracts.

Our fabricators can help you make the most out of your drainage system with custom products that fit perfectly and look fantastic for your style of home or building.
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With our metal fabricators able to design and process any metalwork your roofing and gutter needs, there’s no need to settle for commodity store products or order your custom work off the island. We provide local service for Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, and Wailuku.

Call and let us get started today! Dial 808-244-0161 and tell us how we can help!

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