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Mini-Split AC Repair Maui


A ductless mini-split air conditioning system is often the best cooling solution for our Maui weather. But even though this type of AC can stand up to the sun, it isn’t indestructible. The constant operation will wear your parts out from time to time and either lessen the cooling power of your system or cause it to shut down completely.
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Mini Split AC Repair Maui – A Simple Solution

When that happens, know that our contractors on Maui can quickly determine where the fault is and replace your worn or damaged components with industry-leading, durable products.

When we repair mini-split AC systems, Maui home, and business owners can feel confident that their issue was solved quickly and in the best possible manner. We guarantee that no matter what mini-split system you have installed, our experts are adept enough to work on it knowledgeably and efficiently. We do it right the first time so that you won’t need to worry about your system failing again any time soon.

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Your need for AC repair might not always be as obvious as the unit failing to turn on. There are, however, a number of warning signs that your mini-split will exhibit if it is not operating as it should.

These specific symptoms are a clear indication that more serious trouble is on its way.

Louder or unusual noises – Mini-split air conditioners are designed to run quietly, so if you hear it operating more loudly, or making noises it never did before, something is wrong. Parts might have loosened themselves out of place or are beginning to rub against each other. A quick inspection can identify the issue and either replace the unit or the problem part.
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Frost formation – Your AC is supposed to provide cool air, not freeze itself. If you notice frost forming anywhere on your main unit or system components, give us a call. You might be seeing the result of poor airflow or low refrigerant levels.

Condensation – Like frost, moisture condensing on the outside of your unit or air handlers is not normal. A seal may have ruptured and needs to be replaced immediately to avoid damaging other components of your system.

Decreased cooling – Mini-splits are known for providing evenly distributed conditioned air throughout the home or building. If one room or area is unusually warm, call for an inspection.

Increased utility bills – The last common indicator that you need a repair is your energy costs. Running your air conditioner all year, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the normal range of energy consumption. If your usage climbs higher than normal, let us do an inspection to make sure your mini-split system is running as efficiently as it should.

Don’t panic when you see these warning signs. Take it as an opportunity to save on more serious repair costs as the underlying issues can usually be quickly corrected. Just don’t hesitate to call for a repair. Continuing to run an AC with these symptoms will only make the problem worse.

No matter what model of mini-split you have, when we perform a ductless mini-split repair, Maui home and business owners can feel confident that their problem has been resolved correctly and efficiently.

Our contractors on Maui service all of Kihei, Kahului, Wailuku, and Lahaina.


Why choose Pacific Air and Sheet Metal from among the other ductless mini-split system repair contractors on Maui? Because we consider ourselves more than a business. We consider ourselves your neighbors and partners.

We value our Maui community and want to help its residents feel comfortable in their own homes. We want our fellow businesses to be productive and successful without having to worry about air conditioning issues for their employees or patrons.

So when we perform commercial or residential mini-split services, Maui residents receive the technical help they need from courteous, professional, knowledgeable experts who will put their needs and priorities first.

Call us at 808-244-0161 and let us take care of your repair needs!
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