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cnc sheet metal services in mauiWhen you need precision, you need CNC. Our operators can create exact parts and cuts time after time according to your specifications. For automotive, industrial, construction, and maintenance applications, we guarantee perfect fit parts as simple or as intricately designed as you need them to be.

Plasma Cutter Services in Maui

We take your projects as seriously as you do and have invested in the technology and skills to produce quality sheet metal cutting. We can quickly fulfill small or large orders, so there’s no need to wait on CNC companies off the island. We provide exactly what you need with the advantage of local service.
We are available to meet with you or visit your site for consultations should the job require it. We do everything we can to fully understand the requirements for your application so that every Maui sheet metal project we deliver is crafted from the right material for sustained functionality.

Because we offer local CNC sheet metal services on Maui, we are also to provide our services at more competitive rates than off-island companies. With quicker turnaround times and little to no shipping necessary, you can’t go wrong hiring us for your sheet metal cutting.

Plasma Cutter Services in Neighboring Areas

If you are in Lahaina, Kihei, Wailuku, or Kahului, contact us for precise, fast, local service and see the quality that our CNC machinists can produce for you.

Why Choose CNC Sheet Metal Services in Maui?

A Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine can be used to produce parts that are more precise than traditional tooling applications. When you need to use more than one tool or more than one operator is involved, mistakes abound. Maybe the part or tool isn’t held at exactly the same angle from application to application. Maybe the next operator or machine is not as precise in their measurements or their cutting ability as the one previous. Each separate and process exponentially adds to the possible inaccuracies of the finished product. Sometimes tolerances allow for this. Other times they don’t.

CNC machines can perform multiple processes without moving the part. And a skilled machinist like the ones we trust with our sheet metal jobs remains in control of the programming process from start to finish. Once set, the machine can continue producing replica parts within minute tolerances.

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What Products Can We Provide with Our CNC Sheet Metal Services in Maui?

cnc sheet metal services in mauiOur sheet metal services typically provide products made from the following materials:

Steel and stainless steel

From these materials, we can fashion any item similar to:

Ornaments or metal art
Kitchen Hoods
Furniture Legs
Auto parts
Aviation parts
Napkin holders
Hand tools
As you can see, our CNC sheet metal services can produce a wide variety of products. Let us see what we can make for your Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina, or Kahului business. Call 808-244-0161 for more information.

The resulting advantages apply both to you and to us.

advantages of sheet metal servicesFewer machines and steps required means less maintenance and personnel costs for us, which translates into more competitive pricing for you for our sheet metal cutting.

More precise tooling results in higher quality products that you will be pleased with and we will be proud of creating.

Faster production means that you will receive your projects (especially bulk orders) faster and we will be able to fulfill more orders overall.

Help us share and take advantage of these benefits! Call us from Wailuku, Kihei, Kahului, or Lahaina!

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