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February 5, 2019


Everyone wants to turn the air-conditioner on as the temperatures begin to rise during the summer months in Hawaii. That cool blast of air is all too tempting. Do it too often, however, and you also end up with a massive electricity bill. We do have some good news; you don’t need to sweat it out this summer to save some money, because Pacific Air Conditioning offers homes and businesses in the Wailuku area a high-quality air-conditioning service maintaining efficient AC systems on Maui and energy bills down.

Follow the tips below to stay cool over the summer without breaking the bank account:

Clean and Change Air Filters
One way to maintain efficient AC systems on Maui is to keep the air filter in your AC clean, replacing it every 3-6 months. This can have a big impact on how well it can operate. A dirty filter means the unit is working harder and using more energy when trying to keep a room or building cool.

Call in the Professionals
Getting your air-conditioner serviced by certified HVAC technicians who are experts with efficient AC systems on Maui at least once a year helps to ensure it is running as best it can. Dust will build up in the unit and it needs to be removed. On top of this, the fan blades will need to be cleaned and the drain will need to be cleared. The unit should be checked every 6 – 12 months for potential problems and leaks.

Get a Programmable Thermostat
It’s all too easy to set an air-conditioner at a particular temperature and forget about it while going about your day. Having a programmable thermostat prevents you from wasting extra cold air from your air-conditioner – not to mention the energy that went into it – when you aren’t around.

Install a New Air Conditioner
There are times when the best-spent money is to just install a brand-new and more efficient AC system on Maui. An old and outdated model is likely to have bad energy ratings, leaving you paying up to twice as much on your bill compared to a new unit.

It’s easier than you might expect to reduce your electric bills over the summer without having to sacrifice on the comforts of air-conditioning. Get in touch with Pacific Air Conditioning at (808)-244-0161.







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