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March 4, 2019


People are now more concerned about the environment, and they’re shifting to appliances that consume less electricity but deliver the same performance such as residential air conditioning systems. More than saving the environment, they want lower energy bills. Who doesn’t want savings? That’s why we recommend an energy-efficient air conditioning system in Maui, Hawaii. It cools your home without blowing up your electric bill.

Why air conditioning efficiency matter?
Efficiency means that you’re getting desired results without wasting energy. Efficient energy consumption, thus, lowers the cost of keeping your homes and offices comfortable. Many homeowners that come to us complain about their air conditioning system on Maui, but they are oblivious to the detrimental impact of their AC systems being energy hogs. Clients realize right away how much money they have wasted on large electric bills that could have otherwise been curbed by making right air conditioning choices from the get-go.

What’s often ignored is the importance of energy efficiency to the environment. It’s worth noting that the fuel we use to light up and cool our homes comes from the environment. We’re exhausting our fuel reserves by using more electricity than we actually need, and using too much electricity produces more harmful byproducts that have long-term impacts. For instance, a bigger electric consumption means a bigger carbon footprint. You don’t want to be part of the reason the world is getting warmer.

All these reasons are the things I tell people when they’re shopping for new AC units or systems. In fact, you should consider energy efficiency when buying anything that runs on electrical power to avail of tax credits, which together with savings on energy consumption give you double-digit cuts.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings of an air conditioning system on Maui
HVAC systems have the so-called seasonal energy efficiency rating or SEER, which indicates how efficient a system is. This efficiency rating matters during key times of the year: the hottest days in summer when your air conditioning system is working overtime and the coldest days in winter when your heaters are blasting warm air into your house continuously. The principle behind the SEER is plain. The higher the rating, the more efficient your air conditioner is. From the standard rating of 13, you add about 5-10 percent energy efficiency for every unit increase in the SEER number. The maximum rating is 21.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has made a special way to determine whether air conditioners and other appliances meet energy efficiency standards. The most energy-efficient air conditioning system on Maui, Hawaii, has the Energy Star logo. That’s why I recommend that customers look for the blue and white Energy Star logo when buying a new unit.

At Pacific Air Conditioning, we keep reminding clients that more than keeping their homes comfortable, they should check for the optimal performance of their air conditioning system on Maui, Hawaii. You, too, should. And you need reliable HVAC contractors on Maui to ensure the right air conditioning system for your home.

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