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May 2, 2019


The importance of HVAC systems is downplayed by many, especially in Hawaii where it’s like summer all year round. However, islands like Maui have a varied climate, and it’s not surprising to find places with crisp nights and warm afternoons. Here’s the rub: most people don’t know how to find the right HVAC system on Maui.

If you live in places where it gets a little too warm in summer and chilly in winter, your comfort could be sabotaged by changes in temperature. Being humans, we can only tolerate a certain range of temperatures. We need jackets when the temperature creeps below 60 degrees at night, and we’re sweating above 80 degrees on a sunny day.

It’s hard to work when your office feels like an oven, and it’s hard to sleep at night when your bedroom is muggy. That’s why a lot of people have been coming to us to ask about HVAC systems. I always give three important tips to people on how to find the right HVAC system, especially when they’re getting it installed for the first time.

1. Calculate your heating and cooling needs.
Knowing how much heating and cooling you need allows you to determine the size of your heater and air conditioner. Your heating and cooling needs depend on how big your house is, how many rooms you got, how many people there are at home, and where your house is located. This gets a bit complicated easily. That’s why we advise clients to consult our licensed HVAC technicians on Maui at Pacific Air Conditioning for accurate figures.

You’re at risk of getting an undersized or oversized HVAC system if you don’t calculate your heating and cooling demand. Either is bad for your comfort and your electric bill.

2. Keep efficiency in mind.
Most consumers look at the price of a furnace or air conditioner when making buying decisions without taking into account the other important factor, which is efficiency. It sounds counterintuitive to buy a more expensive AC, for instance, when you want to cut back on the cost of installation. But think about the savings you can get in the long run with an energy-efficient HVAC system. Also, energy-efficient models are becoming more affordable today, so really you have no excuse for skipping on them in favor of the cheap ones. As part of our tips on how to find the right HVAC system. we say get the HVAC model with the Energy Star logo.

3. Choose your HVAC type.
HVAC systems come as single-stage and two-stage systems. There are also modulating systems. Each type functions differently and determines the efficiency of your system.

A single-stage system only has one setting, and this system operates until your desired temperature is reached. This system turns on and off depending on the temperature of your room. Single-stage furnace and compressors work at 100% capacity, making them quite inefficient.

Two-stage systems have, as you might have guessed, two levels: high and low. They run at full capacity when needed and at lower capacity at other times. They’re more efficient than single-stage systems because they don’t always run at full capacity.

Variable speed compressors and furnaces work to keep your indoor temperature at your thermostat setting. They operate continuously usually at around 30% capacity, making them the most efficient among three types of systems.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 808-244-0161 if you need more tips on how to find the right HVAC system. Our installers at Pacific Air Conditioning can help make the right choice based on your needs.







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