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February 26, 2019


More homeowners are looking to use more efficient ac systems on Maui. We want to save energy for two basic reasons. One, we want to protect the environment, because more energy consumption means more carbon emissions. Two, we want to cut back on our energy costs. Consumers are more concerned about the latter, but that’s good enough.

Choosing efficient ac systems on Maui is a smart thing to do. Another initiative is to make your home consume less energy than the average one. If your dark wall paint is inflating your electric bill, it’s time to consider a repainting job.

Dark colors absorb more heat than light colors. A dark wall absorbs about 80% more heat than a light-colored wall. In Kihei, which has a tropical climate, how much heat your walls absorb matters. So if you want to save on your air conditioning costs, be wise with the choice of your paint color. In fact, air conditioning companies recommend light paint for more efficient ac systems on Maui. The reason is obvious, and light colors have an aesthetic value.

Light colors make your room appear bigger!

You know that old principle that dark colors shrink and light colors expand -- at least in the way we see them. So it’s not just about reducing your energy consumption but also about making your home appear more inviting and having more efficient ac systems on Maui. A paint upgrade is always a good option both for your household and for real estate agents.

However, it doesn’t mean that dark blues or black doesn’t have any appeal and should be out of the question altogether. If you prefer darker tones for your home, it’s not the end of the world. There are still ways to compensate for the heat absorptive properties of dark colors and reduce your energy usage.

Add curtains.

Install heavy drapery to keep sunlight from getting through the windows. Some homeowners put two curtains, a light-colored outer curtain over the dark-colored one. The light-colored curtain reflects sunlight, while the dark one complements indoor hues.

Accentuate with dark colors.

You don’t have to settle with a white monotony. Do away with boring uniformity by adding dark accents for light-colored walls. Experts on efficient ac systems on Maui suggests choosing a darker or bolder color for your window and door frames and lighting fixtures. You don’t have to go all white. You just have to make sure much of the surface is light-colored and reflective.

Know which walls are hit by sunlight.

Your location affects what part of your house is constantly or repeatedly hit by sunlight. These walls will contribute much to heat absorption and heating your indoor space. If you know which these walls are, you know which parts of the house need repainting. And speaking of repainting, choose paints with high reflective value. Not only do reflective paints reduce the amount of heat absorbed into your rooms, but also do they make natural light bounce off your walls.

Experts on efficient ac systems on Maui may not be able to help you repaint your house, but they can help you make better choices to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. If your home doesn’t take in too much outdoor heat, your AC shouldn’t work too hard to cool your home.

If you’re planning to repaint your house, this is a good time to get in touch with an air conditioning company. Call Pacific Air Conditioning at 808-244-0161 to learn more about efficient ac systems on Maui. Visit us if you’re anywhere in or near Wailuku, Hawaii.







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