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January 24, 2019


The refrigerant is the most important part of an air conditioning system. Without it, your entire AC unit becomes a useless piece of junk. However, it is also the most overlooked part of the air conditioner. Unfortunately, the refrigerant leak is a common problem that many AC service Maui is often called in to fix every now and then.

The refrigerant is a mixture of chemicals that course through the copper coils. It absorbs heat from your indoor air before becoming a high-pressure liquid that is transported outside. A fan then blows hot air over the coils, and that’s why you feel that hot stream of air if you’re standing in front of the back of your AC. The refrigerant then turns from a high-pressure liquid to a low-pressure gas. If you remember high school physics, the gas cools down as it expands. Another fan blows air over the cool coils to stream cool air into your rooms.

Loss of refrigerant is the eventual consequence of the gradual breakdown of the structural integrity of your AC. This may not seem much of a problem, but refrigerant leaks can be hazardous. The mix of chemical gases is toxic, and exposure to it can lead to symptoms like seizures and lack of consciousness.

Is your air conditioner not cooling your home effectively?

Again, one of the reasons your AC is performing poorly is leaking refrigerant. This is why you need to call your AC service Maui if your unit is not performing as it should be.

Is your indoor air too muggy?

A refrigerant leak affects not only the temperature but also the humidity in your home. That’s why this is one of the common things we’re looking for when presented by strangely muggy indoor air.

Does it take too long to cool your home?

A number of defects can lead to long cooling cycles. One of them is a refrigerant leak. See if your air conditioner keeps up with its thermostat setting. Note that other factors could affect the length of the cooling cycle as well. On hot days, your AC would be running almost nonstop. If your room is too big for your AC unit, your AC would also be running for too long. So it’s important to have your system inspected so that the exact problem is identified. Call your AC service Maui if you think your AC’s cooling cycle is too long.

Did your energy bill shoot up?

A sudden spike in your electric bill for no apparent reason should prompt you to inspect your home appliances, particularly your air conditioning system. And there are a number of things to check. One is the possibility of refrigerant leaks. Such leaks cause your unit to run low on refrigerant, which in turn causes your AC to function less efficiently. In other words, it has to suck in more energy to do the same amount of cooling, and sometimes it uses up too much energy without cooling your home effectively. Any defect or damage in your air conditioning system shortchanges you.

Are your evaporator coils icy?

When AC service Maui inspects air conditioners for leaks, we look at the evaporator coils. When we see that frosty coating on them, it’s usually a good sign of a leak. No part of your AC should be coated with ice. If you notice that the coils are covered in frost, it’s time to call an air conditioning repair company in Kahului.

Do you hear a hissing noise when it’s not turned on?

Hissing noise when your AC is idle is usually another sign of a leak. You can catch these leaks before they become bothersome problems. Have your AC service Maui do regular tune-ups and maintenance tasks to discover these problems and get them fixed early on.

Old air conditioners are likely to have a number of problems, including leaking refrigerant. This should be fixed right away. However, once your old machine presents this problem, it’s telling you to consider having it replaced.

Call Pacific Air Conditioning (808-244-0161) if you suspect a refrigerant leak. We serve homeowners of Maui, particularly those in Wailuku, Kihei, and Kahului.







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