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April 18, 2019


Most of us living on Maui need a good air conditioning system, but sometimes our reliable cooling machines lose their ability to function at the optimal level. When that happens, you’re probably wondering whether or not you should call for air conditioning maintenance services in Maui.

At Pacific Air Conditioning, we have been providing AC repair and maintenance to homeowners and business owners on Maui. We do inspections, tune-ups, and installations of any HVAC brand.

Our technicians are not only licensed but also equipped with expertise and experience!
When you’re looking for HVAC technicians, you shouldn’t just look for a license. Many contractors offering to fix your broken air conditioner may show you their credentials, but not all of them are able to prove their expertise. An expert technician can handle any problem with any AC model.

We take pride in our reliability.
One of the biggest challenges of staying relevant in any field is to provide reliable air conditioning maintenance services in Maui. By reliable service, I mean giving you exactly what you need. No unpleasant surprises. No shady deals. Our technicians fix the problem and make sure it doesn’t come back at an inopportune time.

We act fast!
We understand that a broken air conditioner is an emergency that needs to be attended to right away. Whether you have a broken thermostat or a duct leak, we will fix it the best way we can. We don’t delay repair work, because the comfort of people on Maui is our priority. If you need your AC up and running at night, on weekends, or on holidays, we’re ready.

We come prepared.
We come with a complete set of equipment and tools because we can’t waste your time. We come with the needed AC parts handy. We also have brand new air conditioning units in stock for clients who need immediate replacement or installation.

We offer a wide range of air conditioning maintenance services in Maui.

  • Commercial AC repair
  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Commercial HVAC tune-up
  • Residential AC repair
  • Residential AC tune-up

We are committed.
Pacific Air Conditioning has been giving HVAC solutions on Maui for more than 10 years. We troubleshoot any kind of AC for homes and commercial establishments. Our mission is to give you the comfort you deserve.

We serve you at a fair price.
We don’t pride ourselves in giving the cheapest service that’s indeed cheap. We provide state-of-the-art troubleshooting right when you need it. Our professionalism comes at a fair price. You can rest assured we work efficiently and leave no trash behind us.

Choose the AC contractor Maui trusts!
Our neighbors in Wailuku, Kihei, and Kahului know whom to call for air conditioning maintenance services in Maui. Call 808-244-0161 for a free consultation. We’ll be there in no time!







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