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If you’re undertaking a new building project and need new air conditioning installation in Wailuku, or simply need help with your existing air conditioning system, you can count on us to be the air conditioning contractors in Wailuku.

Air Conditioning Contractors Wailuku – What we do

Home or business, traditional or modern, we can provide all air conditioning services. From venting to ductless mini splits, conventional to solar-powered, in-house to roof-mounted, we can install, replace, repair, or maintain your AC.


We hope that your business is doing well in Wailuku and we want to make sure it keeps doing great with the best Wailuku, Maui air conditioning services we can provide.

Air Conditioning Contractors in Wailuku – Let us Help You

No matter what commercial HVAC set-up you’re running, we can service or replace it. We’ll do the job quickly at a fair price so that you and your patrons can get back to doing business without the discomfort of unnecessary heat.

We can also install new commercial HVAC systems if you are building a new structure or taking occupancy of a new space.

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  • Installation
  • Replacement
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

air conditioning installation hawaiiOur Wailuku air conditioning services include consultation services that will help you select the unit and air conditioning system that your space calls for. We will make sure that you get the exact air conditioning installation in Wailuku that you need! We are familiar with every type of residential and commercial AC system available.

Air Conditioning Contractors Wailuku – Affordable Services

We will also respect your budget in selecting a new air conditioning installation and will help you find the best unit for the best value. Our goal is to help meet your needs so we’ll never upsell you or tell you that you need something more expensive than you actually do. If you already have an air conditioner picked out, we’re happy to install it for you.

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wailuku air conditioning replacementWhen do you need to replace your air conditioner? You will probably want to replace your AC in any of the following three situations.

If the cost to repair your current AC is equal to half or more an updated replacement, replace it! The new unit will work better and use less energy, and it’s already half paid for by the cost of the repair!

If you’re adding on to your living or business space and your existing air conditioner isn’t rated to cover your entire square footage, replace it! The cost of running two air conditioners or overworking one that can’t keep up will be higher than running a more powerful replacement to cover your entire area.

If you are selling your home or business property and your air conditioning system is more than ten years old, replace it! Buyers will appreciate the update and you will be able to negotiate a higher total selling price to cover the new installation.

Our AC services in Wailuku aim to serve you from every angle, so give us a call to discuss your air conditioning replacement needs.


Air conditioners are complex machines with multiple components that could totally fail or simply trigger a safety shut-down. When you call us for service, our contractors in Wailuku will quickly locate the problem and get your AC running again as fast as humanly possible.

We credit our fast service to the training and experience of our technicians. Day after day, they continue to practice and familiarize themselves with every possible fault in every possible air conditioning system and model. We work safely, efficiently, and courteously to resolve your situation, whatever it may be. We’ll also never make false recommendations to take advantage of your business. We enjoy working for our Wailuku neighbors and want to maintain the bond of trust we’ve formed in our community.

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Your Maui air conditioner runs more often than it doesn’t. That type of workload on an appliance will take its toll. Thankfully, we can take steps to preserve your AC’s longevity and efficient use of energy. Regular cleaning and inspection with our Wailuku air conditioning services will go a long way toward preventing repair and replacement costs. Don’t let your AC run in Maui weather without giving it a check-up once in a while. Call for our air conditioning services in Wailuku today and ask for a routine maintenance check. We’ll be happy to stop in.


Galvanized metal, stainless steel, copper: These are the materials that our expert sheet metal contractors in Wailuku enjoy working with. And we enjoy every new project that our clients task us with. Every sheet metal job is different, and we pride ourselves in meeting your needs for custom metalwork.

Air Conditioning Contractor in Wailuku – Services We Offer

No matter what your business or what specs you have for sheet metal fabrication, we can help. With careful design, accurate tooling and fabrication, and local responsiveness, we are the go-to for Wailuku, Maui sheet metal services.

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If you are installing a new air conditioning system or are simply looking to conserve energy, you might consider a ductless mini split system. No duct work running through your building means less cool air being wasted in or escaping the vents. It also means that every room is perfectly regulated no matter how far they are from the actual air conditioning unit.

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