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January 4, 2019


Homeowners start checking their air conditioners when the cool season is over and the air starts to get muggy. You’re probably checking yours, too, to see if you need to have it fixed or replaced before the first hot summer spell comes to town. Nonetheless, AC systems eventually fail one day despite proper maintenance, and that means the inevitable replacement. However, air conditioner replacement costs on Maui varies for a number of reasons.

We advise homeowners to schedule a consultation with their local HVAC contractors if they think they may need to change their AC units or systems soon. Because the cost of AC replacement varies from house to house, it makes sense to have an upfront idea of how much it may cost in your case. The goal is to look at a more energy-efficient system.

Variables That Determine Air Conditioner Replacement Costs On Maui

AC system type

Most homes have ducted AC systems, but it’s worth mentioning some homes with other types of cooling systems. We’re saying this because one type of air conditioning costs differently from another one. In places where it gets really warm in summer, heat pumps offer an efficient cooling option, but the equipment is more expensive than a central air conditioner. Also, installation costs add up to the initial cost of the equipment.

Ductless systems aren’t necessarily cheaper. Some mini-split AC systems can be more expensive, depending on the number of units. Nonetheless, these options are great for houses that need cooling for each room. Needless to say, the mini-split system is usually the right choice for small rooms. However, a large house with multiple rooms will need numerous cooling units, and installing them raises air conditioner replacement costs on Maui. Larger homes benefit more from a central air conditioner than from multiple cooling units.

Another option is the evaporative cooler or swamp cooler, which is cheaper than the standard air conditioner. But since this works well only in arid places, this is rarely, if ever, used in Hawaii.

Air conditioner size

The size of the air conditioner also affects air conditioner replacement costs on Maui. The size that is ideal for your rooms or house as a whole is one of the factors that is often overlooked by homeowners. It’s not unusual to see houses with AC units smaller or bigger than they need. This mistake happens when you don’t work with a reputable air conditioner contractor or installer, and the need for a reputable contractor cannot be overemphasized.

We’ve seen homes with air conditioning systems that are too small or too big for them. Both are detrimental to your energy consumption costs and comfort. An oversized AC unit cools down your room faster than your dehumidifier dries the air. This results in a damp, sticky indoor air and increases the risk of mold infestation. On the other hand, an air conditioner that is smaller than necessary will never be able to cool your home. It will just run nonstop and bloat your energy bill.

Efficiency Rating

New air conditioners are usually more efficient than older models because manufacturers constantly make improvements to their design and function. That is why replacing an old AC is a sensible decision, especially from an energy-saving perspective. Take note of the seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER rating when looking around for a new AC. Basically, you want a unit or a system that has a high SEER rating, which is just a fancy way of saying that your home air conditioning is using less energy for the same amount of cooling. Less energy means lower energy bills and more savings.


Another factor that affects air conditioner replacement costs on Maui is the ductwork or the lack thereof. When clients ask about the cost to replace an air conditioner in Maui, one of the things we determine is whether they have working ducts and vents. It’s simple. If you’re looking to upgrade your cooling system from a window type to a central air conditioner, then your home will need duct installation. Like all installation work, this one entails material and labor costs.

HVAC system

Where temperature varies considerably throughout the year, an HVAC system is more appropriate than a cooling system alone. An HVAC system cools your indoor air in summer and warms it in winter. This system also improves air quality by regulating indoor humidity and eliminating unwanted odors.

Whether or not you need heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a decision you will have to make with the help of an HVAC contractor. In a nutshell, the cost of upgrading your air conditioning depends on your needs, which in turn dictates what elements are needed for your new home cooling system. Nonetheless, choosing the right air conditioning contractor and getting the proper guidance will help you arrive at money-saving decisions.

Our technicians can inspect your system. If your furnace is still in good condition, you may only need to have a new air conditioner installed. But if your furnace and AC are both old, you may need to replace both of them.

Getting Quotes

Because air conditioning replacement costs on Maui vary from one contractor to another, it’s recommended that you ask for quotes when you shop around for AC installers. Your goal is not to seek the cheapest replacement but to choose the contractor with the most reasonable offer.

Ensuring Quality

The best air conditioning replacement is one that is built to last for years and years to come and is energy efficient. Also, the best replacement work is done by HVAC contractors with experience, license, and insurance. Remember, the installation of an AC system is a job that only professionals, not newbies, should do.

Pacific Air Conditioning is the HVAC contractor that Maui trusts for installations and replacement. Call us at 808-244-9412 to schedule a consultation.







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